This inexpensive backyard transformation shows how quick and easy it can be to make a small space feel cozy and inviting.  When I first saw this yard, there was an unattractive blue tarp on the ground with some gravel on top of it and a lot of bare dirt and weeds where it was too shady for grass to grow.  The light-colored gravel makes the space feel brighter, which is important for a shady garden.  Read more about this garden on my blog,

This cozy NYC rooftop terrace features spectacular skyline views, outdoor wicker seating, and brown metal planters filled with a lush planting mix. This particular terrace did not have a faucet, so we hooked up a kitchen sink adapter, which allowed our clients to attach a garden hose to their kitchen sink for easier watering than lugging heavy watering cans back and forth. Read more about this garden on my blog,

The owner of this Brooklyn rooftop terrace requested that we make the plantings feel soft, feminine, and lush with a traditional touch. We picked blue ceramic pots and spiral juniper topiaries as a nod to classic, Mediterranean-style gardens. Read more about this garden on my blog,

This Brooklyn townhouse features bluestone patios and custom-built wood planters for both a rooftop terrace and a ground-level backyard.  The two spaces are night and day in terms of the amount of sunlight they receive and overall ambience.  Read more about these gardens on my blog,

This co-op roof deck for a large apartment building in Manhattan is made for various groups of people to enjoy at one time. Sling furnishings and benches don’t require cushions, which makes them a very low-maintenance choice for a communal space. Read more about this garden on my blog,

Imagine hanging out on this roof garden in the middle of Manhattan at night with a group of friends. Illuminated both by the lights of nearby skyscrapers and up-lighting in the planters, this midtown roof garden is quite the urban oasis. Read more about this garden on my blog,

This contemporary roof deck in TriBeCa features golden bamboo, spiral alberta spruces, red Japanese maples, and azaleas in a mix of grey fiberglass and black Asian dimpled ceramic pots. We also installed dark brown bamboo roll fencing in front of an existing ugly metal fence to camouflage it. Read more about this garden on my blog,

This custom roof deck overlooking Manhattan’s Penn Station features lightweight aluminum decking, ipe planters, an ipe and metal pergola, and ipe benches with built-in storage under the seats. Few woods can match the natural beauty of ipe (pronounced ee-pey), a hardwood with a 30-year life expectancy. Read more about this garden on my blog,

If you blink while standing in this courtyard garden in the middle of Manhattan, you might think for just a moment that you’ve been swept away to the Mediterranean. Nestled between buildings and buffered from the sights and sounds of city life, this charming garden is filled with classic style. Read more about this garden on my blog, at

This contemporary Harlem roof deck features comfy outdoor wicker furniture and red cushions that are a perfect complement to the red blooming azaleas and knockout roses. Read more about this garden on my blog,